martedì 22 giugno 2010

-TEST- Nendoroid design 001: OC Acquamarine (0.1)

Today I have for you a test for this blog! This blog has born for many thing, but my most relevant dream is this: nendoroid design. I love nendoroids, I love to make picture with them, but overall I love to draw them!
Well, I'm not an artist, but I hope you like this^^

Nendoroid design n° 001
Acquamarine (original character)


venerdì 18 giugno 2010

Picture set 01: Drossel

Hi to everyone!
This is my new blog only for figures and other related things!

I would like to introduce myself to you with some of my favourite pictures of my favourite figure
ever: Drossel Figma!

Name: Drossel Figma n°38
Serie: Fireball (Disney)
Manufacture: Max Factory
Sculptor: Masaki Apsy
Release: 07/2009
Specifiche: Action figure with 16 points of articulation 15 cm high

She was a christmas present from my boyfriend: I wanted her so much because she is so beautiful! From that day she has been my favourite model for my (bad) pictures.

Hope you like them^^